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Hundreds of individuals and families have entrusted us with their financial planning, investment, and insurance needs since 1972.
We'll help you build a comprehensive strategy, manage risk, and create a comfortable retirement in a way you won't see at “big box” investment or insurances companies. Here's how.
Comprehensive wealth management. Is your retirement plan on autopilot, and are you still playing by the old retirement planning rules? (Be our guest at our next Blueprints For Retirement dinner workshop to learn more--click here to send us your phone number and we'll follow up with you.) What about your life insurance, disability insurance, and long term care coverage? Your estate plan? Your tax minimization strategy (if you have one)? Your children's or grandkids' college funds? You need a comprehensive approach that considers all the pieces of your financial puzzle as a coordinated whole. We'll professionally evaluate your financial status, your tax exposure and risk tolerance, your family situation, and most importantly we'll learn about your dreams...and then we'll help you understand your options to build your unique path to achieve those dreams. It's your future, and it begins now. Let's do it right.
Retirement plan rollovers--401(k), 4013(b), pensions, and other current investments. We handle the paperwork, and then give you more than you can get from your plan administrator's website or customer service call center. Call us, or click here to send us your phone number and we'll follow up to schedule your complimentary meeting, or add you to our guest list for our next eye-opening Blueprints For Retirement dinner workshop...
If my employment ends, can't I just leave my money in my employer-sponsored plan?
You can...but here are some things to consider:
 Ongoing account maintenance fees may kick in after you leave a participating company. This may erode your savings and slow its growth.
An effective savings strategy depends on making disciplined, regular plan contributions...which you can no longer do once you leave the company. 
You need more than just a place to park your savings. With our Blueprints For Retirementprocess, we'll design a proactive, managed strategy to help you meet your retirement goals, and a whole lot more (see the "Full Wealth Management" section above).
More investments. We're independent, not limited to investments offered by a particular company. So we have a world of financial planning products at our fingertips. We'll take the time to show you how they work and help you decide which ones make sense for you. We can even show you a way to receive a retirement income stream for life  
Innovative insurance products. We have a universe of these too, because we're independent. You'll sleep well knowing your family has addressed risk with Life, Disability, and Long Term Care coverage; and we'll review your policies with you on a regular basis to make sure they're still sensible—not too much, not too little, just right.
Tax minimization strategies and estate planning.* Tax laws are ever changing, and you need someone on your side to make sure you're not missing opportunities to keep what's yours—and pass more of it along to your loved ones someday.
Legacy planning. Create a proud heritage for generations to come. Plan for your grandkids' education. Create charitable endowment programs. It's your life, your legacy. Let's plan it and put it into action.
Personal service. We're local and proud of it. We'll work with you face to face toward fulfilling your goals, and retiring comfortably. We'll meet with you regularly to review progress and adjust the strategy. We'll listen to you. This is the way it should be.
Call (417) 881-7900 now to schedule a consultation!
Visit our Learning Center for informative articles and animated e-seminar presentations on these and many other financial topics.
Click here to learn about our Financial BlueprintTM process for business owners.

*Kestra IS and Kestra AS does not provide tax or legal advice. Any decisions about whether to implement these ideas should be made by the client in consultation with professional financial, tax, and legal counsel.


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