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We’ve helped business owners improve their success and financial security since 1972.
Our Business BlueprintsTM process addresses your big picture concerns and helps answer critical questions...
  • What if something happens to me?
  • Do I have a contingency plan?
  • What if something happens to one of my key people?
  • What if I want to sell my business?
  • Do I have an exit strategy?
  • Do I know the value of my business?
  • Do I want to spend more free time away from the business to travel and enjoy my family?


We'll help you move from "success" to "significance" 

  • Let us evaluate your 401(k) or other workplace retirement plan to see if you can do better--for both your employees and you.
  • Ease into "passive ownership" (do more of what you enjoy, delegate what you don't).
  • Explore investment options for your personal assets, and let us custom-build your retirement income strategy...including Social Security maximization for spouses.
  • Understand tax management and estate planning concepts.*
  • Plan your legacy.


We'll tackle your concerns in order of importance to you, one at a time, so it's not so overwhelming. So you can sleep better.
Let us help draft the blueprint for the future of your company... because you're not just making a living, you're building a life.  
Call (417) 881-7900 now to schedule a complimentary consultation. 
         It's your future...
you earned it.


To learn about our Financial BlueprintsTM process for individuals and families, click here.


*Kestra IS and Kestra AS does not provide tax or legal advice. Any decisions about whether to implement these ideas should be made by the client in consultation with professional financial, tax, and legal counsel.

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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck